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Hector Poh

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COO (Designate)

Prior to joining Origin Capital, Hector was an operating partner at Optimal Investments Group and provided M&A and Corporate Strategy Consultancy services to businesses in Asia and the Middle East. Over the course of his career, he has served in key management positions in a variety of operational, strategic and financial roles, whilst developing his entrepreneurial skills in the local startup space.

Whilst in the civil service, Hector served in various capacities including: Intelligence, Foreign relations, Trade, Diplomacy and Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP). After leaving the civil service in 2013, Hector served as a Director of Business Development in TGL before founding his own Corporate Finance and Asset Management Consultancy in China. Over the course of 6 years, he successfully helped Chinese and Singapore companies bridge the gap in cross border business transactions and investments. He also concurrently headed the Singapore office of a Dubai-based Agri-tech Fund that was eventually sold successfully. As a testament of his broad and well-rounded skillset, he re-entered industry by joining KS Energy Group in a Senior Management Role focusing on Strategy and Business Development.

Since 2020, Hector has been fully focused on private equity and corporate finance/strategy with a distinct focus on the ESG and sustainability sphere. He is committed to using the skills he has harnessed over the last 15 years to building a post-pandemic world that is resilient and forward-thinking.

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