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Origin SGeBiz

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Origin Capital Management has committed lead funding to a Singapore domiciled special purpose vehicle, Origin SGEBIZ Pte Ltd.

Key terms include:

- a 20% discount to the prevailing pre-money valuation via a CARE note.

- a liquidity preference upon conversion to Preference shares

- priority rights to be a lender on a new lending company which enables B2B lending to all SGEBIZ’s customers in Singapore as well as undertake cross-border trade finance lending.

- SGEBIZ has a mass repository of monetisable, transaction-level data on SME finance, especially in the F&B and foods sector.

Growth Plans

The company is raising new capital for its growth to:
1. expand in the Southeast Asia region to grow B2B cross-border trade payments
2. embark on partnerships in SME supply chain lending
3. invest in R&D and manpower to take on new projects



Portfolio Investment

Asset Class


Investment Stage


Origin SGeBiz Pte Ltd

Singapore E-Business Pte Ltd



Series A

Procurement, supply chain, payments


If you are an accredited investor and wish to find out more about SGEBIZ, please contact us here and one of our team will get in touch with you. We also invite you to apprise yourself of our website’s terms and conditions and our risk disclosures.

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