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About Us


Origin Capital Management Pte Ltd is an asset management firm licensed under the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”).


Our private investment firm takes majority or minority stakes in high growth, profitable and cash flow positive companies, across a wide range of sectors, ranging from healthcare, proptech, to media, financial and corporate services. We actively build new joint ventures with stakeholders, and secure new revenue streams for both investee companies, lenders and investors.


As the sponsor of our own flagship fund, Origin Future Fund VCC, a Singapore headquartered umbrella fund, we are able to offer accredited investors dynamic and bespoke solutions for investment management.

Our Flagship Fund - Origin Future Fund VCC


Origin Future Fund VCC is a new fund structure, established under Singapore’s regulations, offering exciting alternatives for a fund setup in Singapore, as well as opening up dynamic and bespoke possibilities for the future of investment management. We continue to engage different stakeholders for unique venture capital fund management mandates, in accordance with the mega trends and investment themes we have identified. 

If you are keen to embark on your fund management journey for venture capital and private equity investing, read more here.

Our Values


Successful firms are only as strong as the environment and communities in which they operate. Origin Capital Management believes in transformational impact not only through its investment activities, but also through our direct contributions towards:

Read more about our impact initiatives here

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