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Origin Future Fund VCC

Features of the fund 

Flexible and Cost Efficient

it can be a standalone fund or an umbrella fund with multiple sub-funds, each holding a portfolio of segregated assets and liabilities.


the register of members and shareholders is kept in a private ledger.

Tax Efficient

VCC fund investors benefit from Singapore’s extensive network of Double Taxation Agreements with  more than 100 countries.


In addition, the Origin Future Fund VCC has qualified for the 13O tax exemption scheme administered by the MAS.


ease in terms of issuance and redemption of its shares, including dividends paid out of capital.


it is a statutory requirement for the VCC to be audited.


The Origin Future Fund VCC, sponsored by Origin Capital Management, has the following key features. As a Singapore domiciled fund structure, it is:

The Origin Future Fund VCC shall put in place our investment strategies across six identified themes. Find out more about our approach and investment themes.

If any of these above areas interest you, contact us here to partner with us on your fund investment journey and work with us on venture capital fund management.

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