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Investment Themes


We endeavour to keep pace with the latest trends in private equity investing, leveraging our extensive network of venture and operating partners to provide tangible feedback from the market. 


Accordingly, we have identified the following areas of specialisation in the current VC investment landscape.

Trade, Logistics & Maritime

Global trade, presently valued at US$18 trillion, is here to stay. International B2B trade, logistics, maritime and supply chains continue to shift and evolve in accordance with the nature of geopolitics, banking and monetary policy.


We are firm believers of the global US$7 trillion opportunity in embedded finance and believe in the additional growth that financial services can bring to digitally enabled B2B ecosystems such as maritime, logistics, and B2B supply chains. Where lies the future of trade?


Proptech and Facilities Management

The real estate sector is one of the oldest and most established in the world. However, innovation in the industry has been painfully slow. As digitalisation changes the way we work, live and play, disruptive technologies are emerging throughout the property life-cycle.


How can we invest into the future of cities and urban communities which are smarter and greener? How will new trends in the future of work change the way we interact with our homes?

See our investee companies in this area: Qornerstone



Art has served as a tradable asset for centuries, and enjoys global appeal. However, the notion of art as an asset has historically been limited to the ultra-wealthy due to inherently high barriers to entry.


Yet today, advancements in technology and growing investor interest in alternatives are demystifying art's financial potential. Through securitisation, art's financial landscape is evolving, offering greater accessibility to investors and enormous potential in this investment area.

Learn more here.


Financial Services

As brick-and-mortar banks are being disrupted and digital banking players emerge, what will the future of money look like tomorrow? Headquartered in Singapore, a global financial services hub, we are in a good position to answer those questions.


To further opportunities in green financing and financial inclusion, we shall look into themes related to sustainable supply chain finance, SME lending, credit bureaus, B2B payments and insurtech.

See our investee companies in this area: Incomlend, Tradeteq, SGeBiz


Corporate and Tech Services

Both small and large-scale businesses are often held back by the complexity and the rigorousness required to set up and maintain a new business.


Allowing businesses to focus on profit-making and expansion, and most efficiently allocate their effort and time can unlock tremendous capacities for growth.


Health, Wellness & Silver Economy

Technologies like AI, digital diagnostics and telemedicine are revolutionising healthcare.​ Improvements to our longevity and quality of life will increasingly depend on our prevention and prediction capabilities; including broadening our diagnostics competencies around common human ailments such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.


The emerging silver economy will also be an impetus to redefine ageing well. Other areas of focus include psychological and mental wellbeing, alternative medicines and therapy, and performance sports.

See our investee companies in this area: iHG

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