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Investment Insights


As part of our thought leadership, we constantly stay up to date with current investment trends and themes through our research and analysis. In doing so, we identify hot investable areas we can steer our fund towards.

We are also pleased to feature partner publications and the latest relevant reports in this section of our insights page. Access the reports below.


April 2022

Global trade survey: are businesses prepared to trade in a fast-changing world?

The rise of tradetech will undoubtedly accelerate the transformation and digitalisation of trade – unlocking massive gains in productivity and operational efficiency. As part of this report by Allianz Trade, Kelvin Tan, CEO and CIO of Origin Capital, shares his insights regarding the challenges that lie ahead for trade and trade lenders in the article “Future of Trade – Innovation, Disruption, & Winners” on page 14 to 15.

Click here to read the article.


July 2021

TECH@SWF | Spotlight on GIC Singapore’s investments into technology

Sovereign wealth funds globally have continuously grown in size and sophistication. In this issue of TECH@SWF, we examine private equity deals by Singapore’s very own GIC, focusing on finance, healthcare and other emerging sectors.

With thanks to Shadab Taiyabi, President, Singapore FinTech Association, Javier Capapé, director, Sovereign Wealth Research Project at the IE Center for the Governance of Change and Diego López, Managing Director of Global SWF.

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