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Origin Qornerstone

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Origin Capital Management has committed lead funding to a Singapore domiciled special purpose vehicle, Origin Qornerstone Pte Ltd.

Key terms include:
- Qornerstone is a unique and disruptive business with a niche focus. It has a sizeable market share, powering >20 Property & Facility Management Companies to digitalize >2,000 buildings
- Large local market potential in the targeted industry
- It is a Smart City Solution which uses big data processes in its proven business model

Growth Plans

The company is raising new capital for its growth to:
1. expand into future lines of business including B2C, Training, Procurement and more
2. invest in Sales and Marketing to increase brand awareness, and Research and Development for product upkeeping, and legal listing fees



Portfolio Investment

Asset Class


Investment Stage


Origin Qornerstone Pte Ltd

Qornerstone Inc

Private Securities (common stock)


Series A

Proptech, facilities management


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