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Tradeteq provides a marketplace for private debt and real assets, along with securitization as a service and workflow automation. It connect asset sellers with top institutional investors to standardize investment access, minimize friction costs, and enable real-time reporting. Tradeteq powers the Trade Finance Distribution Initiative (TFDi), which is an industry-wide initiative aimed at increasing the transparency, standardization, and efficiency of the trade finance distribution process.

By providing a platform that allows banks and other financial institutions to collaborate and share information more easily, TFDi aims to make trade finance more accessible and affordable for businesses around the world. Tradeteq counts many of the TFDi members as its customers. In addition to its work with TFDi, Tradeteq has also been recognized as a Global Innovator by the World Economic Forum. This prestigious recognition highlights the company's commitment to innovation and its efforts to drive positive change in the global trade finance industry. As a Global Innovator, Tradeteq is part of a select group of companies that are leading the way in using technology to address some of the world's most pressing challenges.


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CEO and Co-founder of Tradeteq, Christoph Gugelmann talks us through the story of the company and how it was originally created to provide liquidity to trade finance and has evolved into private debt and real assets.


2018: Tradeteq comes out of stealth. TFDi founded.

2019: Introduced workflow automation module

2020: First Securitisation-as-a-Service – Tradeteq started to automate and streamline the process that transforms diverse pools of assets and risks into tradable securities

2022: Tradeteq launches the Marketplace for the primary trading of private debt and real assets with more than 50 institutional members


Christoph Gugelmann, Nils Behling




Trade finance distribution is now emerging as a lifeline and a necessity.

Christoph Gugelmann, Co-founder and CEO


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