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Singapore to build deep tech innovation together with venture builders

Deep tech is innovation that emerges from research labs, usually at the hands of scientists and doctoral students. Singaporean government agency SGInnovate, whose aim is to develop the industry in the country, describes it as a “PhD holders’ startup club”.

Unlike general tech, deep tech requires more time and cost to commercialize but offers transformative potential, especially in the sustainability and healthcare sectors.

Singapore's strong scientific research base supports deep tech startups, particularly in green and healthcare tech, aligning with global sustainability goals and attracting a diverse range of stakeholders.

Green tech aligns with global climate agendas and shows high growth potential in Southeast Asia, notably in renewable energy, circular economy, and green transportation. EnterpriseSG's partnership with Breakthrough Energy and Temasek aims to accelerate early-stage green tech development in the region.

In healthcare, Singapore’s strengths in biomedical sciences position it as a hub for precision medicine in Asia, with advancements in cancer detection, vaccine development, and medical devices. Precision medicine offers opportunities for global partnerships to improve health outcomes.

Advanced materials, quantum tech, and robotics are also emerging areas for deep tech investment. Government investments in the Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) plan have increased, with substantial funding dedicated to fostering deep tech innovation.

Venture builders play a crucial role in bringing deep tech from lab to market, offering business model expertise, a network of talented founders, and strategic investor connections. EnterpriseSG collaborates with venture builders like SDTA to support green tech startups, emphasizing a multi-faceted approach including mentorship, corporate partnerships, and funding. Developing a strong talent pipeline through specialized visas and the Global Ready Talent (GRT) programme is also a key priority.

Article by Si Ying Thian for GovInsider. Read more here or in the PDF below.

Singapore to focus on building deep tech innovation
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